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3D Architectural Rendering Services

We are providing high-quality 3D architectural services for the building and industry. Our mission is to enable clients to create the most flexible and unique architectural engineering. We have professional 3D model developer which provides 3D rendering and technical drafting services. Our team members are dedicated to developing the most complete 3d architectural solution to the architectural construction industry.

We Offer Services

1. Architectural Solutions Our 3D Architectural models are cost-effective to the marketplace that creates the opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of your workplace.


Our 3D interior designers make Interior models for almost every type of Building, Offices, Apartments, Bungalow, Homes, Hotels, Shopping malls, and Restaurants. We designed 3D model with different ideas like Colors, Furniture, Flooring and Wall Coverings, Lighting, and other useful materials to develop unique and stylish 3D interior model design for buildings. You can also checkout our 3D Interior Model collection.


We are dedicated about applying technical designing concepts to the exterior model of home. Our team members have decades of experience in developing 3D model design of home’s exterior. They build them for beauty, functionality, and suitability as it is the face of your home. You can also checkout our 3D Exterior Model collection


We are specializing in 3D Architectural Cut Models designing. We also uses the powerful rendering programs (such as V-Ray) to give you realistically rendered images of these 3D Cut Models. We offer high quality and personalized service for every required architectural model to meet industry standards.


We follow your CAD standards in providing 2D CAD Drawing & Drafting services. Our designer create 2D CAD drawings for mechanical engineers, manufacturers, and designers for all types of mechanical parts, auto parts, steel structures etc. Our team workers are specialize in remodeling, re-sizing and scaling of designs & drawings that commitment to offer best engineering solutions using CAD. TIS is a company that specializes in 3D Architectural solutions, for Architects, Interior designers, Estate developers & marketers. TIS bring you 3D architectural visualization & animation. Once we have a clear vision of what the exteriors of the apartment blocks or buildings and what the interior space will look like TIS can offer unmatched services which will enable prospective clients, investors and buyers to visualize any architectural design. With its 3D designed visualization & animation TIS can make the most significant difference to the impact the visuals will have on your clients.The 3D architectural services that TIS provides will give your clients a 360 degree view of the buildings their exteriors and their interiors. TIS assists you with drafting and creating a model which includes information on mapping and texturing, pre-set atmospheres, plants (with no two plants looking alike) and materials.  TIS paint and modify the surroundings interactively. We can help you create gardens and forests, stone beds, pebblebeds, grass and moss lawns, realistic skies, Cloudsand other features. TIS can take good care of the indoor and outdoor lighting, image-based lighting, illumination, area lights etc. with giving careful attention to each detail.


  1. At TIS we use the latest and most modern 3D design tools to ensure that your 3D architectural solutions are perfectly designed and crafted.
  2. TIS has many years of design experience and can transform you basic ideas and plans or handmade artistic sketches into 3D Reality.
  3. TIS can give you the best innovative and creative team coupled with the most modern animation techniques, latest version of software and animation tools to bring all your images and designs to life.
  4. The team of Designers and Animators pay attention to the minutest curves edges, colors and positions of objects in the interior and exterior surroundings.
  5. The capability of our Animators to think and foresee “out-of-the-box” and their dedication to treat all designs and characters, simple or complex with equality
  6. TIS can boast of an international list of clients.