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In the scenario of computer technology, 3D Modeling is widely used by gaming and another sector of industries as well. It is a process of developing graphical representation into three dimensions. The technique of designing three-dimensional models is quite complex and involves a method of connecting a set of points with varied lines and curved surfaces in order to create a complete 3D model.

It is largely benefited to gaming, entertainment domains and it also has application in mechanical and manufacturing industries. A Perfect 3D model requires an advanced version of the 3D software which is specifically designed for three-dimensional modeling and animation. There are a number of 3D modeling companies available in India who work professionally to offer 3D modeling and other 3D services in manufacturing and mechanical industry.

3D Modeling is done to create real character models or an object. Designing such models requires highly skilled and professional designers who can develop any sort of 3D models with great use of their experience and talent. A 3D designer uses various methods to create a high resolution of three-dimensional objects. The methods are polygonal, non-uniform rational B-spline or splines, primitive. Different modeling object may require different method; it all depends on the type of object. We elaborate every technique to understand the basic concept of 3D modeling and it’s designing.

Polygonal Modeling

It is a process of developing an object in 3D format. A basic, as well as advanced technique in polygonal modeling, includes an action to connect the line segments through points and these points are called vertices. In this method, 3D Modeling can be rendered quickly which makes it very useful. But it can not create the exact curved surface which makes it less applied method in modeling by the designers.

Non-uniform rational B-spline 3D Modeling

It is also known as NURBS technique and widely used for developing smooth curves and surfaces of the 3D models. It provides great flexibility to the 3D modeling section and is used often as it is known for creating complex objects.

Primitive Modeling

This is the simplest method of 3D modeling which involves the use of basic geometric shapes like cubes, cones circles, spheres etc and modify their shape to develop a 3D object. It is the most common method used by designers.

All the valuable 3D modeling companies follow these methods to cater their client with best 3D service.

The Imagine Studio is one of the dominant 3D modeling company in Delhi, India where all your imaginations are converted into 3D models and animation. We are fascinated by our work and enthusiastically design the steep quality of 3D gaming models, 3D character animation, 3D interior/exterior design, 3D architectural, 3D cut-models, 3D landscape, 3D stall design, 3D automobiles 3D medical and other machinery models etc. We have a team of elite 3D designers who have a good experience in 3D designing. They have the capability to creatively develop high as well as low poly models as per the requirement of our client. We also have achieved more than 10 games for the gaming company according to the client’s script.

The Imagine Studio provides high-quality 3D Modeling Services. We are a firm totally committed to best and qualitative work approach, creative with innovative Design ideas. Contact us to work out how we can best help you.

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