Modeling 3D Heads for Gaming Purposes

Modeling 3D Heads for Gaming Purposes

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Modeling the head of a gaming character can be a very hectic job. Here are some points to notice while modeling one.

While modeling the head of a character for gaming purposes, ensure the following:

  • The head should be made separately, it should be placed on the body rather than extruding and making it as a part of the body.


  • The head should be connected to the skeleton and should be exported in the .chr format.


  • Errors like Multi vertex colours and degenerated UVW messages can be ignored while exporting. Any other error should not be ignored and taken care off, otherwise, the morph used will not be displayed correctly.


  • The head geometry should face the positive y- direction in 3Ds Max and positive z-axis in XSI.


  • Put the pivot position and rotation position at 0, 0, 0. Although, it is not mandatory but advisable as it can avoid many downstream problems that can be faced while animating the geometry.


All morph targets need to have their pivot point at the same relative position. Note: If all the morphs behave correctly after Reset Xform has been applied, they will also behave correctly in the game.