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Media Buying

The term “Media Buying” refers to the buying of space in order to advertise products or brands. Professionals who specialise in evaluating the best spaces which should be bought to advertise your products are called Media Buyers.

TIS can help you analyse the factors that you need to keep in mind while buying space to advertise. Though price is one of the most important considerations, TIS assists you in analysing the other components such as the right audience, the right place and timing and the right mind-set of individuals who would be influenced by the advertisement. TIS has the most competent professionals who can help you make the best Media buying decision while keeping in mind the best advertising medium (TV, Radio, Internet or Print) and your advertising budget.

TIS can plan the perfect media strategy for you combining various traditional and modern mediums to achieve maximum benefits for your products.


  • TIS has vast experience with the expected output of various advertising mediums and can help plan an extensive Media Buying Strategy for you.
  • TIS has in depth knowledge of the best mediums to use keeping in mind your product and not least, your budget.
  • TIS can assist you in Media Buying by planning the correct placements and positioning of your advertisement in various mediums..
  • TIS can help you choose the most effective online social or advise you on other traditional methods of media buying such as banners,games,emails, search engines, video clips etc.
  • TIS has worked with many international clients.
  • Once the Media Buying is in place, TIS professionals can help generate useful, attractive and quality content for potential clients.