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Solar Panel Installation

Step by Step guidelines How to Install Solar Panel on Rooftop


AboutThe Project

Developed this 3D animation for Ganges Internationale proficiency in the installation of solar panels and other products.
Design and Production: The Imagine Studio
Project: Trapezoidal Metallic Shed Mounted Solution on the Rooftop.

3D Product Modeling:

The Imagine Studio has a unique product 3D modeling process which helps us in creating the best outline of the project. We understand the client’s requirement and concepts. Then we do some deep brainstorming to gather some vital information. We combine our skills to gather information with client’s requirement and come up with the final idea

In Ganges Internationale’s project of solar panel, we first enquired them about their requirement. We did some research on the installation of the solar panel. Then we developed all the pre-required 3D models like the screw, Aluminium End Clamp, Aluminium Holder, etc with the help of our 3d software and skills. We took approvals on all models before proceeding for animation.


Play-blast Animation / Draft Animation

The play-blast animation is the best method for approvals of animation to save valuable time before proceeding for final renders. Play-blast is a way of creating a preview for our animation. We developed the play-blast 3d animation where it shows steps of solar panel installation. In the video, we showed how to measure for the correct mounting place, how to slide the rails into the groove of the holders properly, where to use the mid/end clamps etc. The play-blast was sent to our clients for their confirmation.

Post-approval on play-blast animation our team starts work on real texturing/lighting on models/background as per script/client’s requirement. The same procedure follows and still renders send to client for approval on still 3d renders before final animation renders.

Final Render

After the approvals of the play-blast video from our client’s end, we started working on the final texturing/lighting/rendering of the project. We added texture to the final product and gave the finishing touch to it. We delivered the project within the timeline.
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