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Social Media Optimization Services

Optimizing a website and its content across social media and networking sites is referred to as Social Media Optimization (SMO). Since the goal is to generate awareness for a website and increase traffic towards it, SMO is similar to search engine optimization (SEO). However, SMO focuses on attracting traffic from different sources not only from search engines.

TIS can assist you in the right choice of use of social media outlets and communities to generate publicity in order to increase awareness of your products or brands. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are some of the major social media sites. TIS can help you do the same with spreading information about your events.

TIS is aware that social media today is the most happening place and can play a very important part in changing the size and shape of your business – be it small, medium or large scale.

TIS can assist you to set up a prominent social existence on social networking websites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter and provide the most simplified, dominant and well-researched social media marketing resolution.


  1. TIS can boast of an international list of clients.
  2. TIS can help you chalk out Social Media strategies which will help to increase the awareness of your product by creating a huge follower/subscriber base.
  3. TIS’ marketing professionals can plan strategies that will help you create a prominent status online.
  4. The TIS team can provide Brand Reputation Management, Mutual Social Analytics, and Research
  5. TIS can strategize your business plans and help you attract more customers and business inquiries, maintain a personal rapport with your existing clientele through social media
  6. TIS professionals can help generate useful and quality educative content for existing and potential clients.