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3D  Character modeling

3D  Character modeling is an art where you use your experience and skill to produce a 3d character. We are 3D character modeling company in India where your imagination gets the shape. Our designers can develop any 3D character model as per your requirement. You just need to provide appropriate images and references, rest work will be done by our designers.

TIS can breathe life into the character that is taking shape in your imagination. On the other hand, TIS can also imagine and create a character to match your description.

The most advanced versions of software and animation tools are used at TIS to create 3D models which seem real and lifelike.

We have developed over 180+ 3D character models and 40+ 3D Animation so far for our requirement clients.

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Application of 3D Character

The Imagine Studio is a 3D Character Designer Studio in India which designs and delivers customized 3D Characters based on clients from a 60+ country across the globe. Our services of 3D Character Designer and Developers can turn your ideas and imagination into appealing 3D Characters for your feature movie films, entertainment, games, television, AD films etc.
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3D Character Designer

The Imagine Studio offers unprecedented quality 3D Character Modeling Services for our clients. We create customized 3D Character Models based on the character requirements by the clients. 3D Character Models provided under our 3D Character Modeling Services are directly compatible with major animation software. This saves you time and effort while creating animations based on the 3D character Models created by us.

Specialized in MODELING

Our 3D Character Designer can design and deliver various categories of 3D Character Models like 3D Modeller, 3D Sculpting Artist, Texture Artists have the capability to create 3D Cartoon, Semi Cartoonist, Semi-Realistic, Realistic, Creatures, Mechanical-Robotic, Animals – Quadruped 3D Character Models.
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High/Low PolyModel

TIS is capable to produce both high/low poly models as per your requirements. We have developed 100+ low poly character models, background for games. Also, we have developed high poly models for furniture modelling, automobile etc.
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TIS as 3D Character Modeling Company has proved its strong position in gaming solutions and in other domains of industries as well.

The Imagine Studio offers you the 3D Organic modeling products which are professionally developed by our Creative team of 3D designers.

3D Organic modeling is the toughest task as it is the process to create a replica design of a living character.

It is designed for the best computer graphics software and creates the effect by summing up the movement, color, and texture to the object. All the gaming industries are using the 3d Organic modeling technique.

It enables them to make their game more real with the organic which can move and animated according to the script submitted by the client.

Our 3D designers are very potent and tend to develop high poly models as well as low poly models as per the prerequisite of our client.

We have wrapped up more than 10 games for the gaming company according to the script.

TIS is an expert in developing Organic\Inorganic models, 3d interior/Exterior designs, 3d product modeling, 3d automobile, etc…

We have worked on around 300+ projects. We are the one where your ideas are molded into the shape of 3d models.