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call@ +91 8128.825.326 / email: info@theimaginestudio.comAre you looking for a firm for your 3D Exterior Designing Services needs?

TIS helps to convert your handmade sketches and drawings into digital formats.
The 3D Exterior Design team at TIS can create an interactive and realistic 3D model
which will allow you to change and modify the exteriors before actual work begins
with cement, sand, mortar, bricks, and tiles.

Creating your design together

The 3D Exterior Design team at TIS can create an interactive and realistic 3D model which will allow you to change and modify the exterior before actual work begins with cement, sand, mortar, bricks and tiles.
It provides complete flexibility by giving a 360-degree view of the project to our clients.
Visualize Design
Our 3D designers visualize the design as soon we received the 2D CAD drawings from client.
Massing Space
Massing space to understand the space before putting the best camera angles for best lighting.
Modeling & Texture
High poly detailed modeling & HD Textures are the two most important steps to make an exterior look real.

Modern 3D Design

At TIS we use the latest and most modern 3D design tools to ensure that your 3D architectural solutions are perfectly designed and crafted.
TIS can take good care of the indoor and outdoor lighting, image-based lighting, illumination, area lights etc. with giving careful attention to each detail.

Years of design experience

TIS has many years of design experience and can transform you basic ideas and plans or handmade artistic sketches into 3D Reality.
The capability of our designers & animators to think and foresee “out-of-the-box” and their dedication to treat all designs and characters, simple or complex with equality.

Creative Team

TIS can give you the best innovative and creative team coupled with the most modern animation techniques, latest version of software and animation tools to bring all your images and designs to life.
The team of Designers and Animators pay attention to the minutest curves edges, colours and positions of objects in the interior and exterior surroundings.

expert 3d designer3D EXTERIOR DESIGNER INDIA

3D Exterior Designing has become common in today’s scenario; each and every architectural industry is absorbing the services of 3D exterior designing for their projects.
The Imagine Studio is the leading company in providing 3d Interior/Exterior designs to the various industries. Our expert team can provide excellent 3D Exterior Design Services to the architectural solutions that help them to promote their business. It presents the exteriors of buildings and structures from different angles.
small house exterior design

modern exterior house designsIndian house exterior design

Simple house exterior design

Advance Technology

Our company provides the HD quality of visualization and offers complete 3D Exterior Design study of the project and thoroughly work according to the script provided by the client. The Imagine Studio works professionally as we convert your handmade sketches and drawings into digital formats. Whether it is an outdoor kitchen or a barbecue, the selection of the right patio cover, pools and spas, fountains and gardens, pavements and parking spaces. We can bring your imagination to life and make all elements of your landscape and exterior designing look absolutely real and so unique.

What we Offer

In 3D Exterior Design Services, we display even the minimal things through HD render. It helps the client to get an idea about the structure of the building or the appearance of the other surrounding that will give you the benefit to prompt your property. This concept has been opted to easily make out the visualization very clear and stable about the property. Our designs are creatively designed and accredit you to explain about your property with ease. TIS have the ability to convert your imagination into life and make all elements of your landscape and exterior designing will absolutely look real and so unique.
house design outside

exterior house design ideas pictureshouse exterior design photo library

house exterior design image
  • We, at The Imagine Studio, provide the best 3D exterior Design Services in India.
  • We have a team of highly skilled and experienced in-house 3D Exterior  Designers.
  • The Imagine Studio has provided 3D Exterior Design Services to 150+ clients.
  • We provide a highly sought after 3D Exterior Designing Services in India.
  • Meet our Creative Exterior Designing Experts and let us pamper you with our 3D Exterior Designs.
  • Get realistic 3D exterior designs which will help you to visualize the actual scene of the interior of your home.
  • We inclined to offer you the best and most innovative array of 3D exterior designs to meet your need and standard as well. TIS would like to request you for an opportunity to work and AMAZE you with our other services.
  • TIS can boast of an international list of clients.

Get an instant estimate

Being a leading 3D Interior Design Provider in India, our designers first perform a technical analysis of your project for brainstorming. It involves a thorough look of your project that helps us to give you a better quote of your project.

Let’s design together

One of the reasons we became a creative firm with a passion for design and our designers in the first place was because we love learning new technology and then putting it all together.

The Imagine Studio provides services with a perfect mixture of creative imagination and best technical knowledge. Our dynamic and trending skills help our clients in their pursuit of getting one of the best services for their project.
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