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3D Modeling Tips and Tricks

Following are few 3D Modeling tips and tricks a modeler should always keep in mind before initiating a new task. Modeling is just like managing things!
3D Modeling Tips and Tricks, Before starting with your model it is very necessary to plan your model first, like in management, planning creates a bridge between where you are and where you want to reach. Half of your modeling task gets completed if you plan it efficiently.

Plan Your Model

• Sit, think and plan the big picture. How you want your model to move when it’s in motion – Think it! Get some reference materials from your competitor’s websites, pictures, movies or another medium. Pen down your imagination on paper, just sketch it.

Keep your model as simple and presentable as possible

• Try to keep your model as simple as possible because extra usage of polygons, mesh smooth can create a problem while rigging your character, so if you have big plans with your models keep it simple initially!

Organize your Folders

• Keeping your textures and files on a Desktop is a bad idea. It is very necessary to organize your folder and keeping all textures and stuff in the subfolders, because moving your textures and files can affect your Materials, no matter in which software you are working on.

Learn the keyboard shortcuts

• Learning the shortcut keys can reduce your working hours to a great extent. You will end up in frustration if you keep on moving the mouse to search your tools and commands

Save your file

• It is recommended to make several copies of your file because sometimes in the case of power failures the software gets corrupted and you may lose all your data altogether.

Always name your objects

• You should always name your objects while modeling as it becomes easier for the texturing artists to give textures to your objects when named. Some software provides you with layers, make efficient use of those layers.
Hope these 3D Modeling Tips and Tricks Helps you in near future.
Happy 3D Modeling!!!

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