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The Imagine Studio is the leading company in providing 3d Rendering Services

3D ARCHITECTURAL RENDERAre you looking for a firm for your 3D Architectural Rendering Services needs?

We are providing high-quality 3D rendering services for the product modelling, real-estate interior/exterior design, 3d character modelling/ 3d  animation. Our mission is to enable clients to create the most flexible and unique architectural engineering. We have a professional 3D model developer which provides 3D Rendering Services and technical drafting services. Our team members are dedicated to developing the most complete 3d architectural solution to the architectural construction industry.

3D Rendering Services



3D Architectural Rendering Services Our 3D Architectural models are cost-effective to the marketplace that creates the opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of your workplace.


Our 3D interior designers make Interior models for almost every type of Building, Offices, Apartments, Bungalow, Homes, Hotels, Shopping malls, and Restaurants. We designed 3D model with different ideas like Colors, Furniture, Flooring and Wall Coverings, Lighting, and other useful materials to develop unique and stylish 3D interior model design for buildings. You can also checkout our 3D Interior Model collection.


We are dedicated about applying technical designing concepts to the exterior model of home. Our team members have decades of experience in developing the 3D model design of the home’s exterior. They build them for beauty, functionality, and suitability as it is the face of your home. You can also check out our 3D Exterior Model collection


We are specializing in 3D Architectural Cut Models designing. We also uses the powerful rendering programs (such as V-Ray) to give you realistically rendered images of these 3D Cut Models. We offer high quality and personalized service for every required architectural model to meet industry standards.

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We follow your CAD standards in providing 2D CAD Drawing & Drafting services. Our designer creates 2D CAD drawings for mechanical engineers, manufacturers, and designers for all types of mechanical parts, auto parts, steel structures etc.

Our team workers specialize in remodelling, re-sizing and scaling of designs & drawings that commitment to offer the best engineering solutions using CAD. TIS is a company that specializes in 3D Architectural solutions, for Architects, Interior designers, Estate developers & marketers. TIS bring you 3D architectural visualization & animation. Once we have a clear vision of what the exteriors of the apartment blocks or buildings and what the interior space will look like TIS can offer unmatched services which will enable prospective clients, investors, and buyers to visualize any architectural design. With its 3D designed visualization & animation, TIS can make the most significant difference to the impact the visuals will have on your clients.

The 3D rendering services that TIS provides will give your clients a 360-degree view of the buildings their exteriors and their interiors. TIS assists you with drafting and creating a model which includes information on mapping and texturing, pre-set atmospheres, plants (with no two plants looking alike) and materials.  TIS paint and modify the surroundings interactively. We can help you create gardens and forests, stone beds, pebble beds, grass and moss lawns, realistic skies, Clouds and other features. TIS can take good care of the indoor and outdoor lighting, image-based lighting, illumination, area lights etc. with giving careful attention to each detail.

Why Choose Us?

  1. At TIS we use the latest and most modern 3D design tools to ensure that your 3D architectural solutions are perfectly designed and crafted.
  2. TIS has many years of design experience and can transform you basic ideas and plans or handmade artistic sketches into 3D Reality.
  3. TIS can give you the best innovative and creative team coupled with the most modern animation techniques, the latest version of software and animation tools to bring all your images and designs to life.
  4. The team of Designers and Animators pay attention to the minutest curves edges, colors, and positions of objects in the interior and exterior surroundings.
  5. The capability of our Animators to think and foresee “out-of-the-box” and their dedication to treating all designs and characters, simple or complex with equality
  6. TIS can boast of an international list of clients.

HOW DO WE DO ITOur design process

We use trending and efficient methods which helps us in saving a lot of time and hence we always deliver projects within the deadline.
Client always comes first for Us. We always consider our client’s ideas and convert these ideas into reality by adding our creative skill into the project.
We have a valuable competitive edge over our competitors based on the fact that we have always delivered on our promises.
We offer cost effective services to our clients. We deliver the best project considering the budget of the client.
  • Analysis
  • Project
  • Production
  • Handover

The Imagine Studio Pre-Production process consists of four steps that help to create an outline of the project, including research & development, scope, conceptualization and storyboarding . Based on which the actual outcome can be visualized or finalized. This step is most important from both client and us, as it will give a road map or idea of how it will look alike and provide developer scope of the project.

Concept / Idea
The Entire process starts with client’s requirement. We understand your concept, your needs and add our creative dimension to it. It makes your idea stand different from others.

Before we start working on animation, we run intensive research of the subject and its requirements. This is a very crucial stage where we work on reference material, prepare production pipeline and collect all the material required to start storyboarding.


After finalizing the technical aspects, we move forward to blue print process. Blue print are typically a series of illustrations or images displayed for the purpose of pre-visualizing the project understanding. It gives a clear idea to clients and helps them visualize the scenes.

and Building


1. Then we will start develop models/project from scratch. E.g. road, buildings, vehicles etc.
2. Static renders will developed from different camera angles of complete scene.
3. After approval we will start with the animation process.
4. First rough draft animation will be send to the client for approval.


After the completion of the rendering stage, the project enters into the post-production stage. Various rendered clips or sequences are called in to post-production software and synchronized with music and voice over. Additional effects like motion blur or depths of field are also applied here because these effects typically consume so much rendering time and resources in their native 3D application. Titles, Subtitles sync with voice-over, or watermark is also added at this stage. Advanced post-production techniques give flexibility for color corrections, green field removal, motion tracking, adding customized transitions between videos and many other options.

Output Publishing

This is the last stage of the production process where output is generated according to the required format. We have technical capabilities to generate almost any type of output.

Let’s design together

One of the reasons we became a creative firm with a passion for design and our designers in the first place was because we love learning new technology and then putting it all together.

The Imagine Studio provides services with a perfect mixture of creative imagination and best technical knowledge. Our dynamic and trending skills help our clients in their pursuit of getting one of the best services for their project.
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