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The Imagine Studio is the leading company in providing 3d rendering, 3d interior rendering, 3d exterior rendering, 3d walkthrough real estate to the various industries.

Call: +91 9811.488.381 OR email: info@theimaginestudio.comAre you looking for a firm for your 3D walkthrough architectural Services needs?


A well planned and fully equipped 3D Walkthrough Architectural can create a very emotional and different experience for your project, even though it may still be at a primary stage but the viewer can get a feel of and actually visualize what your imagination will physically create in time to come when the project is completed. In common language, it is a virtual tour for your project. Whether it is a luxury apartment, complex, a shopping mall, an industrial plant or a parking lot –3D Walkthrough Architectural take you on a different perspective of your architecture.

The 3d walkthrough Architectural is a term that means “Step-by-Step making of a procedure or process.” and 3d walkthrough services belongs to 3D Architecture of your visualization. TIS works on that to visualize your imagination in 3D like it’s come true. We work for you to help you understand more about your Architecture. TIS team work very hard to make your Architecture to visualize you. Our team is one of the best working team in the town which makes your dream so real even before you see it. We are working day- night towards your project to fulfill all your expectations.


  1. The TIS creative team has excellent visualization capabilities and pay attention to the remotest details of the exteriors as well as the interiors.
  2. TIS uses the most Modern technology and the latest software tools
  3. We have different ideas and we create a whole new experience for you.

We create 3D walk-through Architectural that really drive business, even before, you start the construction of your project. Our creative team will help you to pre-visualize and design and market any Architectural Projects. Whether it is a big township, apartment projects, or industrial or commercial buildings, our team of experts will help you to get a business winning and appealing 3D walk-through.  It can be used for a variety of business promotional programs. We know how to make our client happy as we always have new and different ideas which make us different from others.


3D Walkthrough

TIS provides various services like 3D Walkthrough, 3D Views, 3D Rendering, 3D Interior, 3D Exterior and Website Design etc.

Nowadays, 3d walkthroughs have become the major source for architectural industries for its technical hunt, presenting purpose for various groups like our clients, investors (commercial purpose), marketing and for many branding activities. Therefore, it becomes very easier for clients to have a look at the projects before they are actually constructed. It gets you the actual picture of what you have planned for your project. It is increasing widely and becoming a trend. TIS is an organization where we add creative features. So that, our client can showcase their project before delivering. We have completed en number of project and we are dealing with many projects. Every time we are meeting our client’s expectations. In a short period of time, we give you the best view of your printed architecture in a 3D Walkthrough. Transforming a sheet into reality is the thing we do. We have a bunch of clients who have trusted us and we are making our client proud every day.

  • 3D Walkthrough Architecture
  • Construction Applications
  • Interior Decoration
  • Real-Estate Development
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Films
  • Games
  • Developing Website

Our few best animation portfolioWalk-through Animation Showcase

3D Walkthrough Services India

TIS works closely with architects, realtors, and developers, to help visualize the project and create the 3D walk-through. After a brief description of the exterior – the structure, the materials and design, the exterior, the architecture, the landscape including information on little details such as, the roads, the fences and the surroundings in general, the 3D walk-through of the interiors will attract you to the intensity, reflection, illumination etc., the textures and colors, the different fixtures and fittings, and the different objects within each room. This can be done along with 3D animation and effective sound, if necessary. As your project takes shape, the 3D walkthrough Architectural can be modified to portray any design, we can change or replace anything during the making.

Our Real-Estate Walk-through Firm is interested to initiate a business deal with your company by offering our excellent real-estate services and deals in 3D Architectural modeling and walk-through animation.
We have highly skilled professionals with Architectural backgrounds. They have vast experience in Architectural services. We also have professionals in 3D visualization field.

The Imagine studio provides a unique advantage to the customers with global experience, flexible production schedule, 24 hours turn-around delivery commitment processes, along with an HD quality service with the best price.

We are open to signing up agreements on NDA and confidentiality and take extra care to keep our customer’s data safe and protected. We enjoy close and long term business relationships with all customers by offering quality services at a very competitive price range. We take care of our client’s expectations in any condition, therefore, we are one of the trustable organization in the town.

Let’s design together

One of the reasons we became a creative firm with a passion for design and our designers in the first place was because we love learning new technology and then putting it all together.

The Imagine Studio provides services with a perfect mixture of creative imagination and best technical knowledge. Our dynamic and trending skills help our clients in their pursuit of getting one of the best services for their project.
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