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Ad Words and Ad Sense are two search technologies created by Google for advertisers who seek targeted advertising, based on location, content or other factors.

  • TIS can assist in placing your Ad Word advertisements not only on websites with matching content but also to narrow down the target audience even to the Internet Protocol (IP) address. Besides, TIS can assist in ensuring that the advertisements are displayed to a unique user only a limited number of times.
  • TIS also helps you to use Ad Sense to generate income by having advertisements displayed on your own website in the form of image ads (banner ads), text ads etc.
  • TIS assists you with maximizing their Ad Sense income by suggesting traffic-generating techniques, making your website content attractive for Ad Sense advertisements and other techniques to encourage people to click on the advertisements hosted on your webpage
  1. TIS develops Ad Sense for content-based ad words – whether it is a simple text ad, a simple image, an animated one or other media ads.
  2. TIS has a professional team which can assist you in creating advertisements which match the content of websites or domains where you would like to have your ads placed.
  3. TIS can also assist you in placing AdSense ads on YouTube and other popular networks.
  4. TIS has a team of competent professionals with vast experience.
  5. TIS has in-depth knowledge of the best mediums to use keeping in mind your product and not least, your budget.
  6. TIS can help you choose the most effective online social or advise you on other traditional methods of media buying such as banners, games, emails, search engines, video clips etc..
  7. TIS has worked with many international clients.

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