3D Animation Company for Startup, Commercial & Residential Industry

The Imagine Studio is one of the Best Animation Services Provider in India & abroad. We offer high quality of 2D,3D animation, corporate video for the start-up and commercial industry. We provide highly refined 2D, 3D Video animations and rendering that meet to the needs of various industries.

Machinery Explainer Video

This is an automated explainer video machines e.g. automatic laser cutting/welding machine, hydraulic press, press brake, paint booth etc.

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3D Robotic Arm

Step by step animation of a robotic arm picking box from conveyer belt and put all boxes in a wooden tray. A complete automatic system done by a robotic arm.

#3D-Video #robotic-arm

Smart Meter in Residential

How does smart meter works in residential, commercial and Industrial area. A complete 3d explainer video of smart meter with its advantages.

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A New Launch of Desktop App

A lunch of new desktop app, It’s simple, smooth and more accessible than ever. A complete detailed step-by-step 3d explainer video regarding a new desktop app.

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The Anti-Fouling Condenser System

This is an explainer video that contains engineered sponge balls that move from AFCS ball collector to mainline. The balls also cleanup residue like scale, dirt, biofilm, etc from main lines. It’s a complete step by step 3d animation video which shows the working of a sponge ball.

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Network connectivity solution in high-rise buildings

Resnet solutions for high rise buildings to resolve the connectivity issue. Call drops and slow download speeds are the typical problems faced by the residents especially those residing on the higher floors of the complex who face interference issues.

#Resnetsolutions #commertial #residential

Gravity - Premium Mattress

Body Contouring and Supportive Memory Mattress; Gravity is a perfect blend of body contouring high-density Memory Foam on top of good supportive High Resilient Foam in the core.

#3dMattress #3danimation #PremiumMattress

DC Vault - Solution for Data Center

Hardware is getting constantly smaller faster and more powerful. On-demand storage space and processing power growing rapidly. This 3D video is developed for co-location and cloud services. {UAE Data center}

#3dvideo #cloudservices #techvideo

Multilingual- Educational Devices for kids

A self Learning Multilingual device for kids called "MAMIS“. MAMIS can be configured into multiple languages and used to demonstrate many other objects like the mother teaches her kids similarly MAMIS educates like a mother.

#3D-character-animation, #device-animation

Roof-Top Solar Panel Installation

Step by step rooftop solar panel installation 3D animated video.

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Solar Panel Cleaning - 3D Animation

Clean solar Panel Work More efficiently and Produce optimum energy.

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3D Corporate Video

3D Corporate video developed by TIS team for Milaan. Customization is our key strength and our R&D division constantly works with the simple philosophy of producing future-ready products with commercial viability.

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