low poly character modeling

Low Poly 3D Modeling for Games

Low Poly 3D Modeling for Games

Low Poly 3D Modeling for Games, The usage of polygons should be limited maintaining the outer shape of the body which is the most important factor to be kept in mind while working on a low poly model.

The model should follow the shape of the high-resolution model as much as possible. You just have to take care of the boundaries; else, the normal map is going to take care of all the details inside.

While making a character in Low Poly 3D Modeling for Games:

• Ensure that the geometry matches the existing skeleton, from the big parts down to the details (fingers).
• Choose a pose that suits the range of emotions that the character needs to achieve.
• To improve the general deformation of the model, make sure that all the joints (arms, shoulders, legs) are slightly angled. It is necessary because due to slight angles it becomes easier for the IK handlers to read the postures of the models and the way they will be animated further.
• The joint should never be stretched to its maximum, it should be a natural in-between pose.
• The pose of the character differs according to the requirements of the character, in general, it is advisable to give a natural and comfortable pose to a character.
To make the model work correctly – Ensure the following:-
• The characters geometry should be connected to a skeleton and should be exported in the .chr
• IK limits should be set up correctly.
• The character geometry should face the positive y-direction in 3ds Max or the positive z-axis in XSI and Maya. The rotation values must be 0/0/0.
• The character geometry’s pivot position is at 0/0/0.

The Imagine Studio offers an unprecedented quality of Low Poly 3D Modeling for Games for our clients. We create customized 3D Low Poly Character Models based on the character requirements of the clients.

Our 3D Character Models are directly compatible with major animation software. This saves you time and effort while creating animations based on the 3D character Models created by us.

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