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Maputo Distribution Project

Maputo Distribution Project

Supply & Construction of Service; Materials are manufactured in Indian factories like Baroda, Silvassa, Delhi, and Kolkatta. After manufacturing, all materials will brought to the port for shipment. It’s a complete self-explanatory animated video where material shipment, unloading, and construction of materials in Maputo.

  • Strategy

    Supply & Construction of Service

  • Design

    3D Walkthrough, 3D Explainer Video

  • Client

    Angelique International

Maputo Distribution Project; A 3D Animated video for one for our client which includes supply and construction service of materials and shipment from one country to another. It also includes movement of cargo from Indian factory to Indian port, routing of cable, switching station, and installation of products.

This is a complete detailed explainer video regarding the supply and construction of materials.

The Imagine Studio is a one-stop-shop for all 3D Walkthrough, 3D Explainer video, 3D Commercial solutions in India, and abroad including high/low poly modeling and animation with hyper-realistic renders.

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