3D Fountain Animation


3D Fountain Animation

The video includes different types of 3d animation fountains like

  • Fan Jets
  • Mist Column
  • High Jet Shooter
  • 2D Nozzles
  • Revolving Nozzles
  • Small jets

We ‘The Imagine Studio’ always try to provide you the best quality within the committed time frame. Proud to be an Indian 3D animatics studio and one-stop-shop for all 3D modeling/animation services in India and abroad including high/low poly modeling with hyper-realistic renders.


We help to create strategies, design and development.

We believe that every project existing in digital world is a result of an idea and every idea has a cause. For this reason, our each design serves an idea. Our strength in design is reflected by our name, our care for details. Quality and satisfaction is our main motto.

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