Top 3 FREE Online OCR Tools

Here are the top 3 free online OCR tools to convert images into text

Why will formal handwritten and typed papers ever survive in a time when paperless society is on the increasing trend? It feels like a matter of question when we all will accept a paperless working in personal and professional life.

The issue isn’t new. Leading futurists and forecasters of technology have long argued whether a paperless world is on the verge, or a century away.

What’s for sure, however, is that the increase of document scanning API OCR bills and receipt scanning devices, not to mention the abundance of electronic channels that make the paper trail redundant, ensures the day will come when we wave goodbye to the nasty paper trail.

To supporters of a paperless community, optical character recognition (OCR) is the new gold standard.

We’ve already seen the benefit of integrating OCR receipt scanning software into a business enterprise, with increasing numbers of enterprises continuously adopting the technology.

Today, the technology is more advanced than ever, making the benefits of using it bigger than ever before.

Streamlining cost control and improving day-to-day operations are only a couple of the advantages that companies that embrace the technology enjoy.

OCR Online is a revolutionary feature that permits you to recognize an image and acknowledge the text on the photo which may be written, typed, or printed and give appropriate results.

This text can be encoded and then used afterwards in the text editor, writing applications, or other tasks relating to it.

OCR Online is a dynamic and most accurate technique of interpreting an image into computer-encoded text, either digitally or mechanically.

Online OCR converter is generally used in scanned documents, especially in situations where copying from an image is mandated, but typing is not really what you need.

Indeed, an error-free technology is to detect optically and transfer each character into a digitally defined character inside an image or scanned a text.

The method of character recognition is complicated, involving an OCR system that links a picture to a related online form. The tool has to define the font that is used to regenerate the document in the image.

Yet what is the translation of pictures into texts? What are the most accurate and dynamic examples of Free OCR software for the conversion of images to text today? Read on to find out below mentioned three best OCR tools.

1. Prepostseo

Prepostseo is one of the easiest and most effective means of translating an image or PDF file into several different formats of text.

This reason why we put this digital prepostseo tool first in the list is that it will require you to convert up to unlimited files to text in one go, without asking you any registration any passwords.

It is secure to use because it claims to never pass your data to any of the third party.

Low-resolution camera photos can cause serious trouble but prepostseo image to text tool is covering you here as well.

It is a popular online platform that flips images into an easily readable text format.

Only insert an image file or paste URL for copying and the powerful tool will convert image to text, and the output will display in real-time.

In less than a few seconds you may erase the text from the image or any scanned paper. Afterward, you can view, copy, print, and index the extracted text.

2. NewOCR

NewOCR mainly offers only text extraction from image files, but it does have some other additional functionalities that other online OCR services don’t.

It will then pull up a preview of the picture and show a variety of other choices.

Like most of the other digital image-to-text converters, NewOCR would actually let you set numerous languages for acknowledgment.

It can be very useful if you are uncertain of the language in which the text is written in a picture, but you have a decent idea and need to get a better translation from its text file.

You could indeed import the extracted text in TXT, DOC, or PDF format from it though, or send it straight for further editing to Google Translate or Google Documents.

When you tilt your picture to one side, you can rotate it automatically, then.

You must press the blue OCR button to remove the text of the picture after you’ve applied the appropriate choices.

3. Space OCR

Last but not least, is certainly one of the most effective solutions we’ve discovered, and with almost any image-to-text activity it would have saved you. is one of the WEBP file systems supporting the best OCR technologies. Rather than that, also supports Jpeg, JPG, and PDF. Furthermore, you don’t have to upload a file — if it’s available anywhere online, you can connect to it directly.

Other capabilities of the niche include autorotation, receipt inspection, auto-scaling, and table identification. is one of the few online OCR resources that allows the processing of files as searchable PDFs (with transparent or invisible text), and for the best possible extraction, you can also switch from one of two different OCR engines.

All you need to do is upload a file or link to it, click Start OCR! Click, and then dynamically load a preview of your performance on the same tab.

If you selected your output as a searchable PDF, you will also have access to the Download and Show Overlay buttons.

One of’s most fascinating and special functionality is that it will produce the extraction as JSON. This JSON will have fields containing every word in the text and their image coordinates.

If you’re a software developer out there trying to programmatically remove text from the images, this could be a really helpful tool.


Optical Character Recognition is a dynamic tool that helps to translate text into editable text in images. The inspiration here may be photos downloaded from classrooms, pamphlets, magazines, etc. An excellent Optical Character Recognition reader should be able to retrieve text by merely scanning them from these images.

Among them, here are 3 top best tools. With the three web tools above, you can use to translate the text from just about every plain and legible file. And if you type really fast with multiple computers, you don’t have to fail by transcribing text images yourself. OCR has been built for a cause and these websites help you make the most of it.

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