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What makes a Website look Great?

What makes a Website look Great?

Many of us dont knows, What makes a Website look Great? Let’s Find Out…

A Website is the first digital impression of a business or owner of the website. The website should display what the customers want to know. All the successful businesses always try and improve the quality of their website in order to meet the requirement of the customer.

Customers often come to our website only if they want something related to business. We should ensure that they find what they were looking for. If our website doesn’t have a great design or content, we would miss out on a number of business opportunities.

In the coming years, the quality of our website will be very important. We should make sure that the design of our website is outclassing our competitor’s website.

What makes a Website look great?

Design– We should make sure that the design of a website is user-friendly. Since the Google update, “Mobilegeddon” came into being, almost everyone is using a responsive design for their website. The design of the website should not be very complex. It should be simple yet beautiful.
User-friendly– It is the most important factor that a person notices about your website. The loading speed of the pages should be as less as possible. It might be possible that the customer will go to your competitor’s website if yours is taking too much time in loading.
Content– A customer shifts his focus to the websites who have quality content. The content does not necessarily mean the information provided in text format. Images and videos displayed on a website is also a part of the content.

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